Earn Crypto Rewards with Arkham Intel-to-Earn Altcoin Project

• Binance has announced support for the ‘Intel-to-Earn’ altcoin project Arkham (ARKM) which allows users to buy and sell on-chain crypto data.
• The project works by buyers soliciting intelligence by posting bounties, which are then claimed by bounty hunters who submit the requested intel.
• Buyers of information have exclusive access to it for 90 days before it is propagated to all users.

Binance Announces Support for Intel-to-Earn Altcoin Project

Binance has announced support for a new “intel-to-earn” altcoin project called Arkham (ARKM). This platform allows users to buy and sell on-chain crypto data in order to monetize their work at scale. The coin was released on July 11th on Binance Launchpad, a platform created to aid startup blockchains.

How Does Arkham Work?

Buyers can solicit intelligence by posting bounties, requesting intel on anything they’d like to know. Bounty hunters claim these bounties by submitting intel in response, thereby earning rewards. Any intel bought and sold on the Intel Exchange will be exclusively held by the acquirer for 90 days before being propagated to all users. This gives buyers time to extract as much value from the data as possible in the short term while also ensuring that knowledge remains decentralized over time.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Arkham?

Using Arkham provides several benefits including allowing buyers access to exclusive information for 90 days, creating a liquid market for information so sleuths can monetize their work at scale, and ensuring decentralization of knowledge within the community over time. It also provides an easy way for buyers and sellers of intelligence to connect with each other in order facilitate transactions more quickly and efficiently than ever before without having to worry about third party intermediaries or other potential security risks associated with traditional exchanges.

How Is Arkham Different From Other Exchanges?

Arkham is different from other exchanges because it focuses specifically on providing a marketplace where buyers can purchase requested insights from bounty hunters who specialize in gathering intelligence related cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology without any middlemen taking their cut of profits along the way. This sets it apart from traditional exchanges which often charge high fees due to their reliance upon manual processes such as verification checks or order matching algorithms that take up valuable resources when trying process such transactions quickly and securely.


Overall, Binance’s new support for this altcoin project puts them ahead of many other exchanges when it comes offering an easier way purchase valuable data related cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology without having pay costly fees associated with traditional methods order matching algorithms etc., making them one most attractive options market today those looking get involved this type of trading activity soon possible.